Our Yoga Programs

We offer several kinds of yoga programs/course on national and global level further more we organize social awareness programs in intermediate schools and corporate world by our team.

Regular Yoga Classes

In our studio, the regular classes are designed for obesity, fat loss, and for phycological health. The students who is passionate for learning to be fit and wish to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual levelthey can join us. in this program they will learn and perform hath yoga, power yoga and astanga yoga and more additional yoga activities and every Saturday we conduct classes on several kinds of diseases which can cure by yoga.

This is our regular lifetime yoga program. And we provide home tuitions yoga classes where our teacher visits at your home for maintain your healthy life and make you help to achieve your inspired goal.

What can I expect in a typical y-af yoga class?

A yoga class is typically 90 minutes in length and will include combinations of some or all of the following types of poses:
Standing poses for flexibility, strength and stamina
Seated poses for a healthy back, and reflection
Forward bends for calming and nurturing the body and mind
Inverted poses for circulation and stress reduction
Breathing awareness and deep relaxation for energy and renewal
The poses or asanas have Sanskrit names. The teacher may use Sanskrit name interchangeably with the English translation. Props such as blankets, mats, bolsters, ties, and blocks are often used to modify or prepare or deepen a yoga pose.

In some classes you many actually focus on more controlled breathing or be asked to observe normal breathing in a seated or supine position. This latter is the beginning of another aspect of yoga, Pranayama.

What are the benefits of regular yoga practice?

Practicing yoga on regularly can:
Help proper functioning of organs, nerves, and glands.
Improve circulation and respiration.
Improve your metabolism.
Strengthen the immune system.
Improve good coordination between body and mind.
Increase vitality.
Reduce stress.
Strengthen bones.
Protect from illness keep make you energetic.

Regular classes batch and timing

  • Morning -6:00 to 7: 00 am and 9 to 10:00 am
  • Evening -6:00 to 7:00pm and 7:15 to 8:15 pm
  • We off our yoga classes on Sunday.

Our Workshops

Yogic science therapeuticeducational program.
This workshop designed for developing personal and educational prospects of yoga therapeutic treatment knowledge. here by students will able to study about how to deal with disease through yoga and how to treat with any kind of (all kinds of disease “which can cure by yoga therapy”) suffered disease patients.

Diabetes educational and training program.
This is an educational training program. In diabetes program our yoga therapist will give you training that how u can cure diabetes and make you graduate in all the scientific anatomical chapters, doubts, yoga training for diabetes, specific classified yoga series for cure diabetes method, and everything you need.

Advanced yoga educationaland training yoga program
This is a dynamic flexibility transformation yoga program. Where people able to learn about anatomical flexibility process and spectacularly impact on our body and how prepared and practice of advanced yoga, how to guide, yogic anatomy/physiology, and physiotherapy technique to cure muscle injury, study about joints movement and range of flexibility, some amazing facts about flexible spine, how to demonstrate yoga, diet for sustaining and increasing for muscle flexibility and a lot of things you need.

Advanced Level of Yoga

Comfy Accommodation

Yogic Meals



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