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A dedicated and passionate group of yoga instructors, we are here to support you, and your yoga practice. No matter your age, ability, injury, size or condition, we modify yoga postures as required to encourage students to develop a deeper awareness and steadiness in the classic postures. And still they will able to get benefits of the pose.

Regular Yoga Classes

In our studio, the regular classes are designed for obesity, fat loss, and for phycological health.the students who is passionate for learning to be fit and wish to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual levelthey can join us. in this program they will learn and perform hath yoga, power yoga and astanga yoga and more additional yoga activities and every Saturday we conduct classes on several kinds of diseases which can cure by yoga.

This is our regular lifetime yoga program. And we provide home tuitions yoga classes where our teacher visits at your home for maintain your healthy life and make you help to achieve your inspired goal.

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“If the foundation is firm the building can withstand calamities. The practice of yoga is the foundation so that the self is not shaken under any circumstances.”- B.K.S Iyenger.

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